What Causes Early Window Leaks?

What Causes Early Window Leaks?

Replacement windows in Redmond, WA should last for fifteen years or more. Some can even last up to forty years. But unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. Sometimes homeowners end up seeing leaks from their new windows in as little as a year. Why are these windows leaking so early? Here are some of the most common culprits:

1. Poor Installation

Quality windows will be useless without proper window installation. It takes training, skill, and the right tools to properly level, flash, and install a window. That is why it is so important to work with a window professional, not only for selecting the right products but also for installation. Otherwise, there is little you can do to save a poorly installed window from leaking, and you could be flushing money right down the drain.

2. Physical Damage

Accidents can happen and often happen for windows due to blunt force. And a broken glass or broken frames will most assuredly result in window leaks. Unfortunately not all physical damage is obvious. That is why routine inspections of your windows should be part of a routine around your home. That way you will notice any cracks or breaks right away and be able to resolve the problem before it gets worse.

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3. Moisture

Water is often the result of a leak, but can also be the cause. It actually expands when it freezes, which is good for icebergs and cold drinks. But it is not good when water seeps into the tiny crevices along with the windows. If the water freezes and expands the gaps grow larger, causing more leaks and more damage.

4. Thermal Expansion

A lot of materials used for replacement windows expand and contract due to temperature changes. This isn’t unheard of, and manufacturers do what they can to mitigate the tension on the window seals. That is why most windows can last as long as they do. But extreme temperature fluctuations can result in leaks developing even faster, especially when windows are not caulked and sealed under ideal circumstances.

5. Neglected Maintenance

Window maintenance seems straightforward, but still, many homeowners get it wrong. You should never use harsh chemicals, abrasives, power washers, or razor blades to clean windows. This can damage seals, scratch the finish, and lead to premature leaks. It is best to use a mild detergent and water along with a soft cloth to clean window frames.

6. Age and Use

Over time the weather stripping and seals on windows will wear out with exposure to the elements and routine use. This is just a fact. But most windows should have a good long life before this type of damage begins to occur and impact the functionality of the window.

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