The Most Common Window Winter Problems in Toronto & How to Fix Them

The Most Common Window Winter Problems in Toronto & How to Fix Them

You made it to another January. It’s hard to believe that a brand new year has started, and another winter is just beginning. Unfortunately, if it’s like most other Toronto winters, this winter will be cold, damp, dreary, and long. But you’re used to the frigid Southern Ontario weather, and at least there’s the spring and summer to look forward to in a couple of months. However, until those sunny and warm days arrive, you’ve got to get through the bulk of these upcoming winter months.

Have you winterized your home? Many people forget to conduct a thorough home maintenance check before the severe weather hits. For example, when was the last time you had a professional assess the quality of your windows? A home’s windows are one of the most crucial heating components. Old, faulty windows will not only let in the frigid air, making you and the family feel cold all season long, but you’ll also spend a fortune on your heating bills. You’ll be turning up that thermostat to make up for all the lost heat.

We’re Casa Bella Windows & Doors and we love to help you get your home ready for winter with our outstanding manufacturing and installation services. If there’s one thing we know well, it’s how to maintain excellent long-lasting windows. Check out our list of common problems you may experience in your Toronto windows this winter and what to do about them.

Drafty Windows

Regardless of the high temperature, do you feel cold at all times when inside the house? Are individual rooms colder than others? You may have drafty windows. A simple way to tell if this is the case is to light a candle or an incense stick. Take either item in front of your windows in question. Watch if the flame or smoke sways. If you notice any movement from the flame or smoke, you’ll know the air is coming in from the outside. Drafty windows are something you’ll want to fix right away. The chills you feel are seeping in through tiny holes in the glass or windowframes. The windows may be old, or you had a mediocre installation job. You’ll never feel warm enough with drafty windows, and your heating bill will be astronomically high.

If the damage isn’t severe, you could consider re-caulking the windows to give them additional sealing. However, it would help if you also considered replacing the windows with new models. Casa Bella provides high-quality windows and doors in Toronto and the surrounding area that are always energy-efficient. Energy efficiency means that with our products, you’ll use less energy and save more money. We use Low-E (low emissivity glaze that helps minimize the amount of ultraviolet light) glass in our windows. Such products ensure the climate is always stable in your home, so you won’t have to crank up that thermostat, causing sky-high energy bills.

Window Condensation

window installation

Do you have a window that has white condensation forming from the inside? It’s a pain in the neck because it looks terrible, and there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it. There might be a crack in the glass or a break in the seal that’s letting in moisture. When this happens during the winter, you’re also letting in cold air, which can be incredibly damaging to your window and home. The only solution to interior window condensation is to replace the window with a new one. The original window may have been improperly installed. To avoid further risks of poor window installation talk to one of our professionals at Casa Bella. We’ll talk you through your options and how to maintain your new styles for many years to come. Ask about our Health Smart® Certified and Super Spacer™ window series that keep condensation at almost zero levels.

If you have any questions or concerns about your windows this winter, always give us a call. This season can be a challenge in the best of times, so if you’re experiencing issues with your home’s windows and doors, call the experts to help you out.

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