Concerns about Vinyl Replacement Windows

Concerns about Vinyl Replacement Windows

When homeowners shop for replacement windows in Seattle, WA the first hurdle is usually deciding on the right frame material. The most popular window materials are wood, aluminum, fiberglass, and vinyl—with vinyl windows being the most popular. This is because they provide such great value. Vinyl windows are durable, weather resistant, energy efficient, and affordable. But homeowners are still hesitant. Here are some of the top concerns homeowners have about vinyl windows:


1. Reduced Viewing Area

One of the leading concerns homeowners have about vinyl windows is the reduced viewing area. It is true. Compared to other frame materials, vinyl windows tend to have wider frames to help support the weight of the glass. This does reduce the amount of glass surface and viewing area these windows provide. That said, the difference is hardly noticeable on larger window installations. But still, it is something to consider if homeowners want to get more natural light and a better view from their new windows.


2. Early Seal Failure

Many homeowners have heard that vinyl windows wear out faster. This is also true, to a point. Vinyl is not as rigid as some of the other window materials. Where fiberglass expands and contracts at almost the same rate as glass, vinyl expands and contracts seven times as much. This can put tension on the seals until eventually, they wear out. But this isn’t something that will happen overnight. It is only a major concern in areas with frequent and rapid temperature fluctuations. In moderate climates, the slower fluctuations allow time for both materials to expand and contract, so the seals remain intact much longer.


3. Warping and Sagging

Another major concern about vinyl windows is how likely they are to soften and warp. Yes, vinyl windows can warp. But temperatures have to reach up to 165 degrees Fahrenheit to soften the material. Sure, in some warmer climates it isn’t unfeasible. But it isn’t likely in our local climate. In extreme climates, high-quality vinyl windows will typically withstand warping for a minimum of 10 years. In moderate climates, the windows can last even longer.


4. Maintenance

For some reason, homeowners worry about cleaning and maintenance on vinyl windows. What they may not realize is that vinyl windows are some of the easiest products to clean and maintain. The material is extremely durable. It does not rust, rot, fade, or scratch. They do not require any repainting or refinishing. Instead, all homeowners need is water, mild detergent, and a soft cloth to clean the windows and the frames. And homeowners should never use power washers, abrasives, or any harsh chemicals on their windows.

5. Stripped Cranks, Locks, and Latches

Stripped window cranks or broken locks and latches are other worries. Though it may seem like it, these issues are not caused by or limited to vinyl windows. It is simply a misuse of the hardware. Cranks on awning and casement windows are not meant to seal the sash tight against the frame. That is what the locks and latches are for. The crank is simply meant to swing the window open and draw it closed. Overtightening can damage the mechanism, so it is important to be careful.


Vinyl replacement windows in Seattle, WA are a great investment. If you have other concerns, talk to one of the professionals at Signature Window & Door Replacement.

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