3 Important Features for Replacement Windows in the Playroom

3 Important Features for Replacement Windows in the Playroom

Having a comfortable and livable home has always been important. But now, with the pandemic and local mandates, it is more important than ever as families spend more time at home. To accommodate this new phase of life you might have to get creative with your space. In many aspects, the playroom may have to double as a classroom, gymnasium, library, and playground. You will want to make it a place that is comfortable and stimulating while encouraging creative learning and play. This can start with the right replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Here are three important features to keep in mind:

1. Energy Efficiency

Keeping the home comfortable and energy efficient is a top priority. This is especially true in the areas of the home where you spend the most time. Heat transfer is a significant problem for older windows. Not only do they lack modern insulating technology, but over the years windows will develop leaks and drafts. New glazing on replacement windows will have a significant impact.

Standard windows feature double-pane insulated glazing units (IGUs). This means two panes of glass set apart with spacers. This combination helps slow heat transfer both in and out of the home to improve energy savings. But there are more technologies you can choose to take energy savings a step further. Low-E windows have an ultra-thin, metallic layer applied to the inner surface of the glass. It reflected unwanted radiant heat while still allowing plenty of visible light to come through the windows.

2. Natural Light

Speaking of visible light, natural light is another important feature to keep in mind when shopping for replacement windows in the playroom. Sunlight will obviously brighten up space so you are not as reliant on artificial lighting. This is good for the energy bills but comes with several other benefits as well.

Several studies show the advantages of sunlight. Firstly, it helps regulate circadian rhythms so the body wakes more fully during the day and sleeps more soundly during the night. In turn, more natural sleeping habits can reduce irritability, stress, and fatigue. Natural daylight also provides vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient in the regulation of phosphate and calcium for healthy muscles, bones, and teeth. Ample sunlight can also reduce eyestrain, improve focus, and increase productivity.

3. Safety and Security

Last, but not least, replacement windows can play an important role in the safety and security of your home. This is critical in rooms where children spend a lot of time. That is why most windows on the upper levels of the home are a little higher off the floor. It makes it less likely for children to climb up and accidentally fall out of the window.

replacement windows in Seattle, WA

The shape, size, style, and functionality of the window will all impact safety and security. But the glass is another important factor. Most modern windows feature some type of safety glass. Tempered glass is heated to a certain temperature and rapidly cooled to improve tensile strength. This not only makes the glass stronger but also forces it to shatter into smaller, less-dangerous pieces if the window does happen to break. Another type of safety glass is laminated glass. This has a special interlayer adhered to the glass so even if it does break it remains largely intact.

These are always important features when choosing replacement windows in Seattle, WA. But they become even more critical when buying windows for the playroom.

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