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What Your Window Can Do For Your Home Office

If you’re like so many others, you’ve been working from home for the past several months. You may have initially been excited by the idea of not having to commute into the office every day. While you had dreams of breakfast in bed and a strict rule of comfort over fashion always (you only wear pyjamas now), you’re discovering that not having a proper office can diminish productivity and your overall wellbeing. You may not have adequate window space in your home to provide you with vital natural light.

Most modern office buildings are covered with giant windows. Access to natural sunlight in offices can prevent headaches, symptoms of eyestrain, and blurred vision. You’re staring at a computer screen for so long; it’s crucial to have the option to relax your eyes with natural light. It also helps keep you alert and happy due to the amount of vitamin D carried through the sun’s rays. And new, energy-efficient windows will increase your home’s air quality with modern technology and keep that cold winter air outside where it belongs. Whether your new home office is the dining room table, the spare bedroom, or on your bed, you must ensure that there’s enough natural light coming in to help you stay focused and energized.

Casa Bella Windows & Doors is your source for windows in Toronto and nothing makes us happier than providing the perfect window for your home office. We’ve seen many changes over the last year, and we’ve worked with a lot of customers needing office upgrades in their homes. It would help if you had all the office essentials — a comfortable chair, a desk, a quiet space, and a window that not only delivers beautiful natural light but an opportunity for you to look outside. At its core, a window is your connection to the natural world. Who would want to work for eight hours a day without seeing what’s beyond your four walls? You’d feel trapped and isolated, and we certainly wouldn’t want any of our customers to feel that way.

Everyone has high hopes for this coming year. It appears that it won’t be as challenging as the last, but most of us will continue to work from home for the foreseeable future. We’ve compiled a list of some of our top-selling window styles that enhance natural light for you to consider as pertinent additions to your home office.

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Horizontal Slider Windows

Our Horizontal Slider Windows let in optimal sunlight to any room in the house, are easy to operate, and provide comfortable ventilation. They come with cam locks to ensure excellent security and increased airtightness. You can also combine the Horizontal Slider style with Picture Windows for a unique look and enhanced sunlight.

Sliding windows have beautiful, unobstructed views, so you can gaze out into the street or yard while you work. Your eyes naturally take in more from a side-to-side perspective than a vertical one, so they’re a great office addition if you have a scenic view of nature to admire.

Casa Bella offers window installation services that are safe and always top-quality. Our team of expert professionals will assist you with the entire process, from manufacturing to post-installation. Your happiness is our biggest priority.

Bay and Bow Windows

Is there an area in your house you’d love to turn into a window? Bay and Bow Windows create elegance on both the inside and outside of your home. A Bay Window usually has three separate rectangular openings, and Bow Windows are rounded in structure, creating a slight curve outside the house.

Both window styles provide incredible architectural quality to homes and fill any room with beautiful, natural light. You can also open them up to let in the fresh air, increasing the air quality in your office and home.

Imagine taking your lunch break by a cozy Bay or Bow Window? They can turn any space into a nook for hanging out, resting, and taking in that necessary and delightful afternoon sun.

Wherever your office is in the house, find custom windows to suit your needs and work productivity. Make the best out of your current situation and optimize your home office with the window you deserve.

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Make a Statement with Unique Replacement Windows

Windows are an important aesthetic feature. Inside and out, they give your home a visual identity along with a sense of scale. And experimenting with unique window designs will help bring new life to your space and enhance the appeal of your home. Here are a few options to keep in mind if it is time for replacement windows in Seattle, WA:


Transom Windows

Transom windows are usually long, narrow windows that sit high up on the wall. They are a great addition because they add perceived height to almost any space. They also filter in more natural sunlight while still affording the occupants plenty of privacy. A few places to consider transom windows are the bathroom, above kitchen cabinets, and in the living room.


Awning Windows

Awning windows are popular in many wet climates. This is because you can still open them on rainy days and not worry about water getting inside. They work well high up on the wall and are popular in bedrooms and basements. But there are a lot of unique ways to install awning windows. One option is to use an awning window to connect the kitchen to an outdoor porch or patio as a serving area.


Corner Windows

Imagine if you could capture light and ventilation from different sides of your homes simultaneously. That is what happens when you install corner windows. You can get a picture window for the entire opening. Or you could simply place a horizontal slider, singe-hung, or double-hung window on each wall.


Row of Windows

Another way to make a statement is by installing a row of windows three lites, four lites, or five lites long. This can easily work with single or double-hung windows. But another option you might not have considered are casement windows. These windows hinge at the side and usually swing out to open. You can even install two casements inside a single frame and have them open from the middle out. These are so unique and a great way to bring more light and ventilation into the home.

replacement windows in Seattle, WA

Wall of Windows

For the most dramatic impact, you might consider installing a wall of floor to ceiling windows. It is an expensive investment, but one that is popular in a lot of contemporary homes. This is the best way to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. That said, these expansive windows will be very expensive. They will also make privacy and light control a nightmare. So be sure you install them in rooms where you don’t mind seeing out and the high chance of people seeing in.


There are a lot of unique window designs, materials, and technologies at your disposal. For help navigating the options, you should contact Signature Window & Door Replacement. Our experts have been helping homeowners find the best replacement windows in Seattle, WA for more than 30 years. We will be sure you receive the highest quality products and the best possible service at a price that fits your budget.

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5 Fire Safety Tips for Your Home

Smoke DetectorDid you know that cooking is one of the main causes of fires in homes? During the winter, heating equipment surpasses cooking as the number one cause of house fires.

If you’re concerned about house fires or want to know what you can do to reduce the chances of a fire in your home, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through five tips that will help keep your home safe from fire.

  1. Check Your Smoke Detectors Regularly

When was the last time you checked your smoke detectors? Doing so regularly will ensure that they’re in working condition if you ever need them.

Checking your smoke detectors regularly gives you a chance to switch out the batteries. It’s recommended that you do this every six to 12 months.

Also, make sure to clean your smoke detectors at least once a year by vacuuming their outer surface to make sure they’re free from dirt and debris.

  1. Install Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide (CO) is an odourless, colourless poisonous gas that is generated by fire or combustion. There are many sources of carbon monoxide which include gas and wood-burning fireplaces, natural gas and propane appliances, and house fires.

Purchase a good carbon monoxide detector and make sure to install one on each floor of your home. Regularly check to make sure they’re in good working condition so they’ll notify you if carbon monoxide is ever detected.

  1. Have a Working Fire Extinguisher

Another fire safety tip for your home is to have a working fire extinguisher in your home at all times. It’s also a good idea to make sure you and all of your family members know how to operate it in case there’s ever a need to use it.

Make sure that the fire extinguisher is placed in a spot where it’s easily accessible. A good place to keep it is somewhere in your kitchen since most fires originate there.

Fire extinguishers can be used on combustible materials such as wood, cloth, and paper, flammable liquids like oil and gas, and electrical fires from wiring and electrical equipment.

  1. Use Heating Devices Responsibly

Are you using a space heater to help heat your home during the winter? If so, make sure you and your family members use it responsibly.

When in use, ensure the heater is pulled away from any walls and that no loose materials are touching it like curtains or bed sheets.

Always remember to monitor these when they’re in use. If you have to go out, don’t take a chance and leave it on. Make sure it’s switched to off and unplugged whenever there is no one home to monitor it.

  1. Get Annual Inspections on Your Fireplace and Furnace

Our last fire safety tip is to have your fireplace and furnace checked yearly by a trained professional. When it comes to your fireplace, they will check for a blockage to the bricks and mortar as well as creosote build-up.

As for your furnace, they will check to make sure the burner and combustion chamber are in good condition and that the unit is properly ventilated.

We hope these fire safety tips will help keep your home safe from fires.

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Secrets to a Brighter Home

Winter is upon us and the decrease in natural sunlight will start to take a toll—perhaps this year more than any other before. A lack of natural light can increase eyestrain, decrease focus, and reduce productivity. It can also make your home feel small, dark, and depressing. It is no wonder a lot of homeowners want to do what they can to get more natural light into the home. Replacement windows in Seattle, WA are one way to get more natural light, but there are some other things you can try as well.


Why is a Bright Home so Appealing?

It is true, a home with open spaces and plenty of natural light feels more appealing. This is because light from the windows gives the perception of more height and space. It also brings in more warmth, making the home feel more welcoming and comfortable. And homes with more natural light draw the attention of prospective buyers and have more value. So if your home feels a little dark, here are a few tips you can use to capitalize on natural light and freshen up the place.


Lighter Color Palates

As you might guess, light colors add brightness to a room. This is because lighter colors reflect light instead of absorbing it. So where possible, try painting, furnishing, and decorating in light, bright, neutral tones. This does not mean whitewashing everything in your home. Light colors can include sage, tan, blue, and grey. Even furniture, throws, pillows, and rugs in lighter colors will help brighten up a room. Find a palate that works for your home and your tastes and go from there.


Sheer Window Treatments

Window coverings are a great way to control light and privacy. And fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice privacy for more daylight. Blinds are usually the most common option because they are the most versatile. They can tilt or pull-down depending on how much light you need. But not everyone likes the look of blinds. This is why mixing window treatments is another common solution. Try pairing a sheer roll down window shade with heavier drapes for a more elegant solution. You can use just the shade on days where you want more daylight or the heavier drapes for times you want to block the light completely.


Smooth Flooring

People don’t think about it as much, but flooring also contributes to the amount of light in a room. Dark wood floors or thick carpets will absorb a lot of light. To brighten up space you might consider smooth stone or wood finishes in lighter colors. Not only will these make space feel larger, but the right option will also help hide a lot of dirt, stains, and dust between cleanings.

Replacement Windows

Sometimes to add more daylight into a home you need to go right to the source—the windows. If your windows are more than 15 years old it might be time to invest in replacements. And why not use it as an opportunity to get more natural light.


To talk to a professional about replacement windows in Seattle, WA. The design experts at Signature Window & Door Replacement can help you find the right window style and material for your home and budget.

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The Most Common Window Winter Problems in Toronto & How to Fix Them

You made it to another January. It’s hard to believe that a brand new year has started, and another winter is just beginning. Unfortunately, if it’s like most other Toronto winters, this winter will be cold, damp, dreary, and long. But you’re used to the frigid Southern Ontario weather, and at least there’s the spring and summer to look forward to in a couple of months. However, until those sunny and warm days arrive, you’ve got to get through the bulk of these upcoming winter months.

Have you winterized your home? Many people forget to conduct a thorough home maintenance check before the severe weather hits. For example, when was the last time you had a professional assess the quality of your windows? A home’s windows are one of the most crucial heating components. Old, faulty windows will not only let in the frigid air, making you and the family feel cold all season long, but you’ll also spend a fortune on your heating bills. You’ll be turning up that thermostat to make up for all the lost heat.

We’re Casa Bella Windows & Doors and we love to help you get your home ready for winter with our outstanding manufacturing and installation services. If there’s one thing we know well, it’s how to maintain excellent long-lasting windows. Check out our list of common problems you may experience in your Toronto windows this winter and what to do about them.

Drafty Windows

Regardless of the high temperature, do you feel cold at all times when inside the house? Are individual rooms colder than others? You may have drafty windows. A simple way to tell if this is the case is to light a candle or an incense stick. Take either item in front of your windows in question. Watch if the flame or smoke sways. If you notice any movement from the flame or smoke, you’ll know the air is coming in from the outside. Drafty windows are something you’ll want to fix right away. The chills you feel are seeping in through tiny holes in the glass or windowframes. The windows may be old, or you had a mediocre installation job. You’ll never feel warm enough with drafty windows, and your heating bill will be astronomically high.

If the damage isn’t severe, you could consider re-caulking the windows to give them additional sealing. However, it would help if you also considered replacing the windows with new models. Casa Bella provides high-quality windows and doors in Toronto and the surrounding area that are always energy-efficient. Energy efficiency means that with our products, you’ll use less energy and save more money. We use Low-E (low emissivity glaze that helps minimize the amount of ultraviolet light) glass in our windows. Such products ensure the climate is always stable in your home, so you won’t have to crank up that thermostat, causing sky-high energy bills.

Window Condensation

window installation

Do you have a window that has white condensation forming from the inside? It’s a pain in the neck because it looks terrible, and there’s nothing you can do to get rid of it. There might be a crack in the glass or a break in the seal that’s letting in moisture. When this happens during the winter, you’re also letting in cold air, which can be incredibly damaging to your window and home. The only solution to interior window condensation is to replace the window with a new one. The original window may have been improperly installed. To avoid further risks of poor window installation talk to one of our professionals at Casa Bella. We’ll talk you through your options and how to maintain your new styles for many years to come. Ask about our Health Smart® Certified and Super Spacer™ window series that keep condensation at almost zero levels.

If you have any questions or concerns about your windows this winter, always give us a call. This season can be a challenge in the best of times, so if you’re experiencing issues with your home’s windows and doors, call the experts to help you out.

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What are the Advantages of Casement Replacement Windows?

When choosing replacement windows in Seattle, WA finding the right operational style is important. Getting new windows is a big investment. And with so many options to choose from, it can be difficult navigating all the different functions, technologies, and materials. Learning as much as you can about the different window styles means you can make an informed decision. Casement windows are a popular option for many homeowners, especially in more modern homes. And here is what you need to know about this window style.


How do Casement Windows Open?

Casement windows have a unique design with side-mounted hinges. They usually operate with a crank, swinging out to open. And when the sash is open, a tensioning device holds the sash in place so it doesn’t swing open or closed in the wind. These windows work well as a stand-alone, but can also be installed with two casements in one frame and swing out like French doors. They also pair well with other window styles.


Where Can I Install Casement Windows?

Casement windows work well in almost any room in the house that needs ventilation. And because casement windows are so easy to operate with just one hand, they are especially useful in hard to reach areas like behind the kitchen sink or above furniture. The only place casement windows do not work well are along outdoor walkways, patios, and porches.


5 Advantages of Casement Windows

Here are a few of the benefits you can expect when you choose casement replacement windows:


1. Energy Efficiency

Of all the operable window styles, casement windows are the most energy efficient. Casement windows latch closed which creates a pressure seal around the entire perimeter. And if the wind blows against the windowpane it works to tighten the seal even further which prevents leaks and air infiltration.


2. Ventilation

Single-hung, double-hung, and sliding windows only give you half of the opening for ventilation. But with casement windows, you have access to the entire opening. You can crack the window open or swing it up to 180 degrees for optimal ventilation.


3. Easy Operation

Because casement windows operate on a crank they are easy to open and close with just one hand. They do not require any leverage. This is useful when windows are located in hard to reach areas like behind the furniture or above the sink.


4. Security

Casement windows have multi-point locking systems to make them even more secure. Pair that with reinforced frames, impact resistant glass, and improved hardware and these are some of the safest windows on the market.

replacement windows in Woodinville, WA

5. Natural Light

Casement windows do not need any grilles or mullions, which means you get an unobstructed view of the outside. Not only that, but it also means you can enjoy more daylight filtering in through the windows.


There are so many reasons to consider casement replacement windows in Seattle, WA. For more help finding the best products for your home contact the window design experts at Signature Window & Door Replacement.

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5 Tips for Changing Up Your Formal Living Room to Something More Casual

cFormal Living Room with Large WindowsDoes your home have a formal living room? If so, you may find it’s a space you hardly use. Truth be told, you probably only go into that room to give it a dusting now and then.

Although this is the reality for many people, there are some things you can do to make it a more casual space that you and your family can use more often.

Let’s get into five tips to help you make the most of your formal living room.

  1. Workspace

Tired of working at the kitchen table or on the couch? Do yourself a favour and carve out a little workspace for yourself.

You don’t need much to get started. Just a small desk, a chair, a light, and your computer and you should be good to go.

Since your formal living room barely gets any use, you’ll find that you now have a quiet workspace that you can call your own and work out of as much as you need it.

  1. Breakfast Nook

If you find yourself eating breakfast at random spots throughout your home, you definitely need a breakfast nook! This gives you a little spot to enjoy your breakfast with family (or by yourself) before the day gets too hectic.

Find a corner of your formal living nearest to the kitchen where you can set up a cute breakfast spot. Have fun looking through tables and chairs that you can set-up. Then, purchase some fun breakfast-inspired décor to really make your spot something special.

  1. Reading Nook

Speaking of nooks, are you a big reader? Whether you read books on your phone or love the feel of a real book, set-up an unused area in your formal dining room for a reading nook.

Outfit the space with a comfy chair, a fun reading light, and some accents like a rug, throw pills, and a throw blanket.

Curl up here on Sunday afternoons with a cup of coffee and you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Library

Speaking of books, do you have a massive collection of paperbacks that you’ve been dying to display? Well, now you can! Rearrange your living room furniture to give you a space to set up a few bookshelves. Next, get out all of your books and display them on the shelves and you’ll have the library you always wanted.

Don’t forget to set-up a chair and a reading light so you can enjoy your books in this space too!

  1. Play Space

Tired of having toys all over your home? If so, using a corner of your formal living room to set up a play space is a fantastic idea! Use this area to create a kid-friendly spot with a fun rug, some toy storage, and all of your kid’s toys.

The best part about this option is that your kids will have a dedicated play area that will (hopefully) be the spot where they keep all of their toys!

What will you be changing your formal living room into?

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How to Choose the Perfect Replacement Windows

Damaged, broken, and worn-out windows are known to cause higher energy bills and discomfort in the home. These common signs mean it is time for replacement windows in Seattle, WA. They can offer several valuable advantages including light, ventilation, security, and insulation. And you don’t have to stick with the same window styles. Instead, get expert advice from Signature Window & Door Replacement to find the perfect replacement windows. Here are some things to keep in mind:


Architectural Style

Start by looking at the big picture. It is not much you can do to change the architecture of your home. And traditional windows will look out of place on a contemporary home. So the first consideration should always be what style of windows will complement your home, inside and out.


Window Placement

Windows give your home a visual identity and a sense of scale. But they also need to suit the function of the room and the orientation of your home. Expansive windows in an east-facing room will not be ideal for the person who likes to sleep in. The same goes for a row of windows on a west wall that cast an evening glare on the entertainment center.


Operational Style

The window style is less about how the window looks and more about how the window works. Picture windows do not open and close. Horizontal sliding windows have one sash that slides on a track to open. Single-hung windows have one sash that moves up and down. Double-hung windows have two sashes that slide up and down. Casement windows hinge to one side and operate on a crank to open. Awning windows hinge at the top and push out to open.


Frame Material

The window frame material has a lot to do with both the style of the window and the insulation. A vinyl window frame is usually wider than other materials, but it provides excellent insulation, weather resistance, and easy maintenance. Aluminum windows are stronger and usually have thinner frames, and while they are durable, they do not have the same level of efficiency as vinyl windows. Wood windows are the most traditional and have an unmatched aesthetic, and while they are excellent insulators, they are usually very expensive and require more maintenance. And fiberglass windows offer the most versatility along with insulation, strength, durability, and longevity.

Energy Efficiency

When choosing replacement windows it is important to get a good read on areas of the home where thermal transmission is a problem. This will help you know where to focus when it comes to choosing the right glazing technology. A few options to keep in mind include multiple glazing, inert gas fills, and special coatings to block radiant heat or visible light.


There is really no way to get a “general quote” for replacement windows in Seattle, WA. Every decision you make on your windows matters and contributes to the cost. That is why it is so important to consider all your options when shopping for replacement windows in Seattle, WA. That way you can make sure you are getting the right products at the right price. For a detailed quote contact the experts at Signature Window & Door Replacement.

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