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Window Renovations and You: Finding the Right Styles for Your Home

Renovating your home is an exciting time! It’s an opportunity for you to freshen up your house and give it some long, overdue updates. Are you planning to replace old windows? Distinguishing between different types of windows can be tricky because there are so many styles.

Do you know what the differences are between a bay and bow window? What about a casement or sliding window? You might be up to your ears in home improvement language right now, but it’s essential to know the differences between products. You want to ensure you’re making the right decisions when it comes to your home. It’s a significant investment, and you and your family deserve comfort and quality.

We’re Casa Bella Windows & Doors, a window manufacturer serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). One of our favourite parts of the job is helping people decide which window styles to choose for their homes. We’re committed to providing our customers with the best customer service in manufacturing and installation and always aim for excellent results. If you have questions about which styles to select for your needs, we’re here to help.

Let’s look at a few common styles so you can make an informed home improvement window decision!

The Casement Window

When it comes to replacing the windows in your home, the dimensions of your window openings will influence your decision. If you have wide window openings, sliding windows are the preferred choice.

Tall, narrow openings are more suited for casement windows — also known as crank windows.

These windows are attached to the side of a window frame by at least one hinge and swing outward. They open and close with a crank, lever, or handle. They’re commonly used in pairs and are often held open using a metal bar called a “casement stay.” Windows hinged at the top are referred to as awning windows, and ones with bottom hinges are called hoppers.


Most casement windows open completely, so air can effortlessly pass through the entire opening. Some people prefer this to sliding windows because half of the window space is overlapping or closed, and sometimes it provides less ventilation than the casement style.

Casa Bella’s casement windows are top of the line quality. When you purchase our casement windows you can expect to find:

  • Sturdy vinyl construction
  • Advanced weather stripping for a superior seal
  • A multi-point locking system on windows over 22” in height
  • And more

Our casement windows are also all energy-efficient and have Energy Star approval.

Bay and Bow Windows: The Subtle Differences

Both bay and bow windows make beautiful additions to any home that has space for them. Bay and bow windows can become the focal point of a house — from the inside and the outside. They create spacious room inside your home, filling your house with beautiful natural light.

Bay windows are the combination of three or more windows that angle outside of the exterior wall, creating a bay-like space inside a room. The purpose is to admit more light than a window would that’s flush with the wall line.

Like bay windows, bow windows extend beyond the exterior wall of a house but sweep away from the wall in an elegant arch of typically, four to six windows. The bow style is usually larger than the bay window style and has more glass area due to a curve instead of corners.

Bay vs. Bow

Bay and bow windows are perfect if you have a big space to fill in a room. Before you choose one or the other, check out these additional differences in the two styles:

  • The bay windows’ overall structure consists of two windows and a picture window, whereas a bows’ structure is curved. Bow windows create a rounded appearance on the outside of a home.
  • Bay windows typically protrude farther from the wall out into the exterior space, and this adds more floor space to the interior.
  • Bow windows are generally wider than bay windows because usually the bay style only has three panels.
  • Bow windows can wrap around the corner of a building, forming an interesting turret exterior shape and a cozy nook

Whichever you decide, bay or bow, we’ll ensure you get the best quality at Casa Bella. They can be made with various combinations of our fixed and operating Casement or Single Hung windows.

You must review your options before committing to anything when renovating your home. Our window experts at Casa Bella are always here to offer any advice. With over 60 years of experience under our belts, you can count on us for trustworthy guidance.

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5 Benefits of Replacing Your Windows in Summertime

As with most exterior home improvements, there is an ideal season for replacement windows in Redmond, WA. Several benefits make summer a popular time to get replacement windows. So if you have been thinking about getting new windows, here are a few reasons you might want to get them done this season rather than keep putting them off:

1. Good Weather for Installation

One of the main reasons why replacement windows are a popular project in the summer is because it is ideal weather for window installation. The sun is shining and there is less risk of wet weather or snow delaying or stopping your project. Also, the moderate temperatures are perfect for caulk application and adhesion. Because it is such a popular time for these products, window manufacturers also ramp up production to meet the higher demand. You will be able to get products fast, have them installed quickly, and can start enjoying them right away.

2. Immediate Energy Savings

If your windows are more than 15 years old they may not be operating at peak efficiency. Warm weather means the air conditioning becomes more of a necessity. Unfortunately, leaky windows will dramatically increase the cost of cooling as warm air continues to leak inside. So if you have started noticing signs of damage and increased energy bills, there is no time like the present to get replacement windows. That way you can start capitalizing on the energy savings when you need them the most.

3. Protection against Ultraviolet Light

Harmful UV rays from the sun can damage fabrics and furnishings. Couches, flooring, the artwork will start to fade and wear out with prolonged exposure to sunlight. But modern windows feature special coatings that reflect unwanted UV rays while still letting plenty of natural light filter through. These will help protect the inside of your home so your furnishings will last even longer.

replacement windows in Redmond, WA

4. Quiet Summer Sounds

Nice weather means more people heading outside. From yard maintenance to barbecues to outdoor parties, with outdoor activity also comes an increase in unwanted outside noise. Not all summer noise is pleasant. Fortunately, the same insulation and glazing technologies that block heat and light also work to muffle unwanted noise. This is one benefit homeowners don’t often think about when getting replacement windows, but it can make a significant difference in the home.

5. Increased Home Value

Summer is also a popular time to list a home on the market. So if you are planning on selling your home soon, getting new windows might be a prudent investment. Most prospective buyers won’t look twice at a home that has old, worn out windows. But brand new windows will be a huge selling point. They not only improve curb appeal and boost the value of your home, but you can get up to an 85% return on your investment.

If you are ready to get started on your replacement windows in Redmond, WA contact Signature Window & Door Replacement. We can help you find the right products and get them installed so you can really enjoy the rest of the summer season.

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The Pros and Cons of Different Styles of Doors

A front entrance of a home with a blue door, yellow siding, and a flowerpot in daytime.

New exterior doors not only give your home a fresh and updated look, they can also significantly reduce your utility bills. Modern, energy-efficient materials mean your new doors can pay for themselves over time. We’ve put together some information to help you get started on your door selection process.

To learn more about how new doors can improve the look and energy efficiency of your home, call Quality Window & Door at 1-800-370-8751.

Entry Doors

  • Wood
    Wood is a popular choice among homeowners for a high-end look, but it tends to be expensive and require significant maintenance with annual painting and/or staining needs to maintain its appearance.
  • Steel
    Steel has a reputation for being inexpensive, secure, and long-lasting, but it tends to have a shorter life span and dent more easily than wood and fiberglass. A steel door will usually last only ten years on average in a high-humidity environment, and both wood and fiberglass are able to outlast that life span.
  • Fiberglass
    Fiberglass doors are virtually maintenance-free and have available finishes that can mimic the appearance of high-end wood. They feel lightweight but are durable and can last from 15 to 20 years, and include an energy-efficient foam core, which means they insulate well against heat loss.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding doors don’t require additional space to open; they slide on a compact set of tracks that stack on each other to open up your indoor living space to the outdoors. However, you can only open a sliding door halfway, they tend to be noisy when opening, and some people find their weight difficult to maneuver.

French Doors

A set of French doors provides a traditionally elegant entrance into your home, provides a high-end look, and can open the entire width of the door frame for maximum ventilation. They require floor space to open, and this might make them an undesirable option for a small or cramped location.

Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are easy to install and maintain, versatile enough to suit a modern or traditional design aesthetic, and include multiple locking points for enhanced security. The downsides are that they include a lot of frames that partially obstruct views and don’t include a threshold. They also may need to stack inside your home, which might intrude on your living space.

Lift & Slide Doors

Lift and slide doors operate differently than sliding doors – you turn a handle downward to lift the door panel up from the track and the door rolls on heavy-duty wheels to allow opening with little effort. A lift and slide door isn’t able to open invisibly, unless you install a wall pocket, as panels must stack on top of each other as the door opens. They also allow you to control the size of the opening, for customized ventilation and quick entry and exit.

Schedule Your New Door Installation Today

Quality Window & Door has been providing customers with the best turnkey solutions, products, and services for more than 20 years. Our numerous positive reviews speak to the quality of our workmanship. We’re proud to offer competitive pricing, free consultations, and an in-house warranty on all of our products and services.

Contact the experts at Quality Window & Door by calling 1-800-370-8751 to schedule your free door installation consultation today.

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5 Tips to Make Your Living Room Look Larger

Living roomWhen you are dealing with a small space, whether that be your bedroom, laundry room, or living room, there are always many things you can do to help the room look as large as possible. After all, you go to your living room to relax. The last thing you want to find is a cluttered room and that looks and feels small.

We have a few tips about things you can do to make your living room look larger. This will make it much easier to relax in your living room and it will be somewhere you’ll want to invite friends over for drinks, games, or just to chat.

  1. Paint the Room in a Light Colour

When you use a dark paint colour in a small room, you risk making the room feel even smaller than it already is. What you should instead opt for a light, airy colour that will actually make the room feel larger. Think powder blue, lavender, and light yellow.

You can also opt to do a feature wall instead. This wall will be your focal point. In a living room, this is most likely where you’ll place your sofa. For a feature wall, you’ll paint it a light colour of your choice and leave the other walls white. White does wonders in making a room feel modern, crisp, and large.

  1. Hang Your Window Curtains Just Under the Ceiling

Even if your window doesn’t reach up to the ceiling, a good tip is to hang your curtains just under the ceiling anyway. Ensure that the curtains sweep down to the floor. This will automatically draw the eye up and give off the appearance that the room is larger than it actually is. Find curtains that match the vibe and feel of the room and you are all set.

  1. Use Multi-Functional Furniture

Going with this method, you can buy, for example, a decorative bench that houses throw pillows, extra cords, etc. This bench has another purpose as people can also sit on it. So, rather than having a separate area for storage, you can tuck it away into a piece of furniture, lessening the number of things in the room. This helps the room look larger than it actually is.

  1. Use Larger Decorative Accents

The last thing you want to do in a small room is make it look cluttered. To this point, you don’t want to have a lot of clutter in your room. Instead, use larger decorative accents. You will be using larger items but the items will have a large impact. It’s so important that everything you incorporate into a small space serves a purpose.

Limit decor groupings to three or five items. It’s also important to keep in mind that you don’t need to cover every space in the living room with décor. Sometimes less is more.

  1. Incorporate Lighting

Don’t just rely on your large overhead light. Create warmth by having lamps, floor lamps, sconces, candles, and other elements available for lighting options.

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The Benefits of Energy-Efficient Windows in the Summer

No matter what time of year it is, replacing your windows with energy-efficient ones is a good idea. With energy-efficient products, you save money on utility bills, and you’re decreasing the amount of energy used, making a positive environmental impact.

However, the benefits of energy-efficient windows are notably abundant in the summer. During the hotter months, you’ll want to maintain a fresh, cool home that’s safe from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays without spending a fortune. With the right energy-efficient windows, you’ll do precisely that.

Casa Bella Windows & Doors has been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 60 years. We’re a manufacturing and installation company that focuses on energy-efficient windows and doors. Based in the GTA, we know how hot our summers can get. Nothing is as important to us than the happiness and wellbeing of our customers, and that includes keeping cool and safe from the blistering sun.

We ensure that our energy efficient replacement windows are of the highest quality, protecting you and your family from severe heat and powerful UV rays.

Are you planning on updating your home in the near future with renovations? Consider going green and replacing your old windows with energy-efficient windows.

What does Energy-Efficient Mean?

We design our energy-efficient windows to prevent the cooled air from escaping your home through cracks and leaky holes. Their enhanced insulation reduces your home’s energy usage — and, therefore, your utility bills. You won’t have to crank up that air conditioner as high because you won’t need to use it as often. Your home will stay cooler naturally. Energy-efficient windows make your home more comfortable (and affordable) overall.

When you choose Casa Bella as your renovation company, you can expect strong ethical business practices, including a commitment to energy efficiency and environmental awareness. We aim to reduce our company’s carbon footprint in several ways, including our unique window recycling program that involves sourcing glass for our products from a manufacturer that recycles scrap glass.

All of our windows have an official rating from Energy Star® and shield your home from the hot solar rays.

How Casa Bella Provides Solar Protection

We offer vinyl windows Mississauga and the rest of the GTA can count on made with durable solar protection. All of our window frames are made out of vinyl with UV stabilizers to keep sunlight from breaking down the material and entering your home.

Low-E Glass Coatings

Our energy-efficient windows contain a low-E glass coating (a thin layer of hot tin oxide) that’s applied to the internal glass. A low-E coating can prevent UV and infrared light from entering your home. This type of surface separates heat and light energy, and this is how it works:

  • Heat reflects back to the sun.
  • The short wave light passes through the low-E coating to illuminate your home.

This way, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of natural light without the sun’s intense heat.

Window Gas Fills

Casa Bella’s energy-efficient windows have gas fills between the windowpanes. These gas fills help insulate your windows better. They’re filled with non-toxic, odourless, and colourless gasses such as argon and krypton.

Why We Choose Energy Star® Rated Products

When you see the Energy Star® symbol on an appliance, window, or other product, you’ll know that it’s made of the highest-quality materials. It’s the internationally trusted and recognized symbol that marks high efficiency. Energy Star® products also meet a variety of strict guidelines and restrictions to gain approval from international government environmental agencies.

Energy Star® windows are designed to keep heat out of the home. They have a low U-factor, which provides excellent insulation and is highly efficient for warmer climates. They reduce the heat from entering your home more effectively than typical windows because they’re made with insulated glass. You won’t feel that staggering, uncomfortable heat, but you’ll still enjoy a healthy dose of natural light.

Energy-efficient windows are a worthwhile investment. You’ll feel much more comfortable during the summer season, and you won’t have to break the bank with sky-rocket-high utility bills.

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How to Find a Good Installer for Replacement Windows

New windows are a big investment. In an effort to save money, homeowners often try to find ways to cut costs on installation. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work out to their benefit. Window installation is meticulous work. One mistake could cause leaks or ruin the new windows. That is why you want to make sure your replacement windows in Seattle, WA are installed by professionals you can trust.

1. Look Exclusively at Window Professionals

It might be tempting to hire a friend or a general contractor as a way to save money. But window installation takes training and special tools. While general contractors and handymen might be able to do the job, window installation is not something they perform on a daily basis. Window contractors know their products inside and out. They also get specialized training directly from the manufacturer. They can install your new windows with precision and ensure the warranty on the products and the installation remains intact.

2. Talk to Neighbors and Friends

Do you know someone who has recently had their windows replaced? They can be a wealth of information. Not only can you talk to them about the company they used, but also about the things they might have done differently if given the chance. You can find out what the process was like, what issues came up, how they were treated, and if there were any hidden fees. This insider information will prove invaluable as you begin the process. And getting the information from someone you know is way better than gleaning it from a reference list of strangers.

3. Do Some Online Research

Once you have a few window companies in mind you can begin the online search. Social media and review sites can be helpful. But they can also contain way too much information and a clash of opinions. Another valuable resource is the Better Business Bureau. The majority of contacts with the BBB are consumer inquiries about certain companies.

replacement windows in Seattle, WA

4. Verify Licensing, Certifications, and Insurance

The next thing you want to do verify the licensing, certifications, and insurance coverage for companies you are interested in. To be a certified contractor or installer they have to meet certain requirements. And verifying their insurance policy is a great way to reduce your risk of working with scammers.

5. Get Some Quotes

The last thing to do is sit down with the top two or three companies and ask for a detailed quote. This will give you an opportunity to check out their products, ask questions, and compare pricing. The more detailed the quote, the better for you. Most window products will actually cost the same. Where window installers often differ is the cost of labor for installation. With all the information up front, you can decide which window contractor offers the best value.

We hope you consider starting your search for replacement windows in Seattle, WA with Signature Window & Door Replacement. We will help you find the best products for your home and ensure our factory-trained installers get the job done right.

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Tips for Choosing the Right Window Size

Windows are one of the most important features in the home. They allow in light and ventilation while also protecting the home and providing insulation. But the performance of windows often comes down to size. There isn’t an exact formula for getting the size right on replacement windows in Woodinville, WA. However, there are several things to keep in mind when you are choosing the size and style of your new windows. Here are a few factors to consider:

Building Codes

The first thing to do is familiarize yourself with local building codes. These restrictions are mostly for safety and you want to be sure your new windows meet the local standards. If you are not sure what the local codes are you can check with a contractor, builder, or window installer for more information. They will help make sure your new windows will meet the standards.

replacement windows in Woodinville, WA

Architectural Style

Another major consideration when choosing the right size for new windows is the architectural style of the home. A row of oversized windows would work well on a modern home, but they would stick out like a sore thumb on a traditional style home. The mismatch could ruin the curb appeal and drive down the value of your home. That is why it is important to prioritize window sizes and styles that complement the overall style of your home. A consult with a designer can help you figure out the style of your home and the best windows.

Window Sill Height

The sill height is how far the base of the window is off the ground. Egress windows need to function as an exit in case of emergency and building codes generally say sill height should be no more than 44 inches. Usually, bedrooms are the only rooms required to have one egress window. The sill height on other windows can vary depending on the functionality.

Window Head Height

The head height of a window measures how close the top of the window is to the ceiling. Again, this is mostly a choice in design. Taller and higher windows mean more natural light. But if the head height is too close to the ceiling you cannot install a curtain rod. You also have to consider maintenance and how you will be able to reach the tops of your windows.

Window Width to Height Proportion

The last thing to think about is the width to height proportion. This mostly comes down to the types of windows you choose, the operation, and the distribution of weight. Picture windows come in almost any shape and size because they are fixed. But sliding windows are often wider windows and double hung windows are often taller.

If you want help deciding on the right window sizes and styles for your home contact Signature Window & Door Replacement. Our experts have over 30 years of experience in the window business. They can help you find the best replacement windows in Woodinville, WA.

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5 Hacks for a Small Laundry Room

laundry roomLet’s face it: we spend a lot of time in our laundry rooms (whether we would like to or not!).

Combine the stress of continuously having load after load of laundry to contend with, in addition to a small space, and it’s easy to see why doing laundry can be so stressful.

We have some hacks that will elevate your small laundry room situation and hopefully make it a better experience all around.

  1. Use Baskets to Tuck Items Away

If you store extra paper towels, toilet paper, and other items in your laundry room, we recommend using baskets. Not only do baskets tuck items away so there is less clutter, but they look nice too.

Baskets can be found and many different home stores, and even online, so there are so many options out there that fit your taste and the décor of your laundry room.

  1. Add Wall Storage for Laundry Supplies

When you’re working with a small space, you need to use whatever space is available to you, and that includes the walls. You can use the walls in your laundry room to hang functional items, like wire baskets on them. These baskets can hold laundry supplies, like detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and more.

You can also use these hooks to dry clothes on. There are so many possibilities when it comes to wall storage for laundry rooms.

  1. Put up Shelves for Added Storage

Most likely there are lots of empty spaces above your washing machine and dryer. Here is where you can install shelving that will house all your baskets and their contents. In a small space, this adds height to the room, effectively drawing your eye up and making the room look larger. It also gives you a functional storage space.

  1. For Even More Stage, Use the Back of Your Doors

This area of laundry rooms gets overlooked most of the time. But we have a great hack from you! Use this area to your advantage to store items like cleaning supplies. Look for storage solutions for closets. They work just as well on the back of a door.

Another way to do it is to simply just install a few hooks onto the back of the door for you to store things on.

  1. Hang a Drying Rack from the Ceiling

We have saved the best hack of all for last! Don’t you find that drying racks are not only unappealing to look at, but they also take up a lot of space? In a laundry room that’s already small, this isn’t a functional solution. The answer? Hang a drying rack from the ceiling!

For this hack, hang a ladder-like drying rack from the ceiling with chains! It’s not only super functional, but it keeps it out of sight. This works especially well if you hang-dry a lot of items like work shirts, blouses, and other delicate items.

If you need help remodelling your laundry room, give the professionals at BestCan a call at 613-226-7611, email us at [email protected], or request a free quote.

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Window Styles Preferred by Builders

Windows perform several important functions. They insulate the home, protect against intruders, let in natural light, and contribute to ventilation. The functionality often depends on the style. And there are so many window types to consider when deciding on replacement windows in Redmond, WA. How do you find the right products to use in your home? Here are the top styles builders prefer:

1. Casement Windows

Casement windows are a standard for a lot of reasons. These windows hinge at the side of the frame. With a hand crank they open outward. And because the entire sash opens, these windows have a large ventilation area. And when closed, casement windows latch tight against the frame and even if the wind blows against them it creates an even tighter seal. They are highly efficient and secure windows. One thing to note is they work well in almost any room, but because they project outside they do not work well along outdoor walkways.

2. Awning Windows

Awning windows are very similar to casement windows. But instead of hinging at the side, awning windows hinge at the top. They get their name because the sash creates a roof over the opening. This allows you to open the windows for ventilation, even on rainy days. These windows work in most rooms, but like casement windows are not ideal along with outdoor walking or living spaces.

3. Picture Windows

Pictures windows are some of the most affordable windows on the market. They do not open and close. They are fixed, which means there are no moving parts to worry about. Because of that they are also are some of the most versatile windows. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes so you can certainly find a picture window to suit your home.

4. Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are also a popular choice for builders. These windows are typically wider than they are tall. The simple operation is one pane sliding horizontally across a fixed pane. These windows are great for natural airflow, but still only half of the opening works for ventilation. The good news is these windows do not require any extra space to open, so they work well in all areas of the home regardless of what is happening outside.

5. Single and Double Hung Windows

These are very similar to sliding windows. The difference is these windows operate by sliding up and down instead of side to side. And with single hung windows only one sash operates. With double hung windows both sashes operate. One great advantage of double hung windows is you can open the top and the bottom simultaneously to foster natural airflow. Cool air breezes in through the bottom and warm air pushes out the top. And like sliding windows, these work well almost anywhere because they do not project outside to open.

For help finding the right style for replacement windows in Redmond, WA you should consult with a window professional. Contact the experts at Signature Window & Door Replacement. We have over 30 years in the industry to make sure you receive the best possible service with no high-pressure sales tactics.

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