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How Homeowners Should Deal with Poor Window Installation

There is nothing worse than feeling a draft from new windows that have been recently installed. You’ve just spent a lot of money and a great deal of time upgrading your home — or so you thought.


Replacing old windows is absolutely critical to not just the value of your home’s worth but also its comfort level and overall installation. To avoid any issues you need to work with a window manufacturer and installation company that guarantees energy efficiency and outstanding service.


Casa Bella Windows & Doors has been a trusted window manufacturer since 1977 serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and delivering quality every step of the way. We’re committed to bringing our clients window installation that they can count on for years to come, and it’s our mission to deliver comfort and convenience to any homeowner.


The difference between us and many other manufacturers is that we never outsource or sub-contract the installation of our windows. All of our installers are licensed, bonded, and insured, and they’re highly skilled, trained, and experienced to do the job right. We’ve already installed over 5 million windows and doors for custom-built, standard, and luxury homes across the GTA.


Here are some issues you might encounter with poorly installed windows. Consider how with proper installation, the proper materials, with a little help from Casa Bella you can avoid these problems and enjoy brand new windows all year long.


Cold Drafts in the Winter Months


Sometimes installers forget to properly install windows when they’re renovating, and this results in cold air coming through in the winter, as well as cold air-conditioned air escaping during the hot summer months.


Casa Bella strongly believes that installation makes all the difference to how windows perform. Unless trained professionals install your windows or doors correctly, even the best products won’t deliver the right results. There are many Richmond Hill window installations that are completed without energy-efficient products.


All of our windows are Energy Star® rated and we take time to ensure that you and your family are always warm and comfortable.


Horizontal Slider Windows: A Classic Look for Any Home


If you’re looking for classic replacement windows with reliable installation, consider our Horizontal Slider style. They provide ease of operation and comfortable ventilation. They have cam locks to ensure the sashes engage for enhanced air tightness and security, and they can also be used in combination with picture windows for additional sunlight.


Not only do they provide beauty to your home, but they’re also energy-efficient and will trap heat all winter long. They come with:


  • Sturdy extruded vinyl construction
  • Multi hollow chamber design to increase rigidity and insulating values
  • Warm edge non-metal Super Spacer®
  • Advanced weather stripping for a superior seal


Our experienced installers know how to keep you warm all winter long, and with our Energy Star® rated products you won’t be racking up high-energy bills. The government of Canada has approved them as energy efficient and they meet specific energy standards for customers and the environment.


Your Floors and Carpets have been Damaged due to Careless Installers


Unfortunately, this happens far too often. Installers who come into your home to quickly install will sometimes disregard your property and unwillingly damage flooring or carpet, causing you grief and more money.


When our workers enter your home, they treat it as if it were their own. When we install vinyl windows in Mississauga or a steel entry door in Vaughn — no matter where it is, or what type of home it is, we will treat it will respect.


Our installers are careful not to damage flooring, furniture, and they properly insulate any gaps between frames and structures, sealing the existing vapour barriers, air and water seal the exterior with caulking, install the interior trim, and they always clean up work areas with care.


Casa Bella Windows & Doors cares about its clients because your happiness makes us happy. You can always rely on us for trusted quality and service.

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What are the Signs of Improper Window Installation?

Window installation is meticulous work that takes skill, training, precision, and the right tools. Unfortunately, homeowners don’t always choose professional installation on their replacement windows in Redmond, WA. Instead, they try to do it themselves or hire a general contractor for the job and realize too late that something went amiss. Here are the most common results of improper window installation:

Difficult or Noisy Operation

One of the first things you might notice about poorly installed windows is the difficult operation. Windows should open and close smoothly and without fuss. You should not have to muscle windows open or hear them rattle in the frame every time you use the crank or slide them on the tracks. Sticky windows are not just frustrating, but they can also be a safety hazard if ever there is an emergency.

Windows Not Level

Do you feel like your windows don’t sit right or tilts a little to one side? You may be right. If you take out a level you can test to see if your window is square or if it really is lilting to one side. It may not seem like too big of a deal now, but a window that is not level can develop issues down the road. It is important to get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

Messy Caulking

If your caulking is sloppy or messy it could you’re your windows may not have proper seals and could eventually develop leaks. Window professionals work caulk with a steady, precise hand. They take time to make sure they fill and seal all the gaps.

Gaps and Drafts

Speaking of gaps, if you notice any gaps around your window frames that is a clear sign something has gone wrong. Professionals use precise measurements to make sure the windows fit snug inside the frame. They also shore up the window and seal it in place with spray insulation. If you see any gaps you need to get them fixed quickly.


Condensation on the exterior surfaces of the glass is common. This just comes from moisture condensing when warm air comes in contact with a cold surface. It should come and go on its own and not be a cause for concern. But fogging caught between the panes of glass is not common. This clearly indicates the seals on your new windows were broken in transit or during installation.

Moisture Leaks and Water Damage

The last thing you may notice is signs of water damage. If your window has a leak you might only see discoloration at first. Eventually, the problem will get worse and you might see peeling paint, sagging drywall, mold growth, or other types of damage. Water leaks are not something to take lightly.

Don’t waste your investment on poor installation. Always work with professionals when installing replacement windows in Redmond, WA. At Signature Window & Door Replacement we will get the job done right the first time. To set up a consultation call us at (253) 887-7792. Or to check out some of our favorite brands and product lines visit 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032.

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5 Bathroom Remodelling Ideas

Gone are the days of cold and sterile bathrooms. Instead, homeowners are embracing the need for cozy and inviting spaces, representative of personal style and taste. It should come as no surprise that bathrooms rank as highly as kitchens do when it comes to return on investment. If you’re looking for some DIY friendly bathroom renovation ideas that anyone can do, we’ve rounded up five ideas to get you started.

  1. Paint

    One of the simplest ways you can update your bathroom is to give it a new coat of paint. Paint is not only affordable, but you can really have fun with it and choose something that you love. There are a few things to keep in mind when painting a bathroom. First, remember that although your bathroom is the smallest room in your home, you’ll need lots of patience to get the job done. You’ll need to paint around the bathtub or shower, the sink, the toilet, the switchplates, the plugs, etc. Second, since bathrooms are full of moisture and mould and mildew develop easily, you’ll have to purchase high-quality paint with a satin finish. You’ll also want to purchase special bathroom paint for the ceiling.

  1. Change up the Tiles

    The style of tile in your bathroom will set the whole scene for everything else that’s in it. If your existing tile doesn’t fit the style of bathroom you’re going for, try replacing it to give it a fresh look. Choose something timeless and durable. You can then plan the rest of your style elements, like fixtures, around the style of the tile.

  1. Update Lighting Fixtures

    A very simple yet effective way to update your bathroom is to replace your lighting fixture. If you rent, or you just bought your home, chances are you have a very common, simple, cookie-cutter style lighting fixture in your bathroom. Take a look online at different stores that offer lighting fixtures and consider purchasing something a little out of the ordinary. There are so many beautiful lighting fixtures available these days that you’re sure to find something that suits your style.

  1. Switch Out Your Faucets

    Another simple way to upgrade your bathroom is to switch out your sink, tub, and shower faucets. This will help set the tone for your whole design. Keep your finishes consistent by using the same types of faucets throughout your bathroom. This will pull everything together and help give your bathroom a uniform, cohesive design.

  1. Upgrade Your Vanity

    Your bathroom vanity is one of the main pieces of furniture in a bathroom. As such, you can really make an impact by changing up your vanity. If you’re looking for a clean, sleek look, consider purchasing a modern style of vanity. It’s also recommended that you purchase a vanity that has storage space, so you have somewhere to store all of your essentials. If purchasing a new vanity is out of your budget, you can DIY your existing vanity by sanding it down and giving it a fresh coat of paint.

If you are looking to complete larger-scale bathroom renovations, we can help. At BestCan, we don’t offer cookie-cutter bathroom design. Instead, our designers work closely to understand your style and space considerations. We want your in-home sanctuary to be unique and tranquil. Sleek granite countertops, internationally sourced tiles, custom vanities and cabinetry, whimsical hardware, modern-day fixtures, glass shower enclosures, whirlpool baths, distinctive flooring; the sky’s the limit when it comes to a BestCan bathroom renovation.

Call (613) 226-7611 or email BestCan at [email protected] for your free in-home estimate.

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What is Between the Glass on Replacement Windows?

The insulated glazing units (IGUs) on replacement windows in Seattle, WA are more than just two panes of glass stuck inside a frame. Manufacturers go to great lengths to make sure the glass on new windows is safe, durable, and efficient. Here are a few of the unseen glazing technologies you might not know about.

Safety Glass

Ordinary glass (annealed) shatters easily into large, dangerous shards that are extremely dangerous. Not ideal to use on windows. So one of the first things you want to verify on your new windows is the type of safety glass. Either one of the following options will improve the safety and security of your home windows.

Tempered glass is one such option. It is heated to 600 degrees and then rapidly cooled under high pressure, leaving the inner surface in tension while the outer surface goes into compression. This gives tempered glass additional strength that can withstand 10,000 psi or more. And if it does break, it shatters into small, harmless pieces.

Laminated glass is another option. For this safety glass, there is a thin layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB) sealed between two layers of glass. This type of safety glass is made using heat and pressure rollers to sandwich the layers together. And because the glass is chemically bonded to the interlayer it doesn’t break easily. If it does the glass may crack, but will largely remain inside the frame.

Inert Gas Fills

It isn’t ordinary air sealed between the panes of glass on your windows. It is one of the noble gasses manufacturers use to improve energy efficiency. A noble or inert gas has more density than air. This reduces heat transfer without blocking any visible light. Argon is the most common inert gas on double-glazed windows. Krypton is another type of noble gas with even higher energy performance. It is not as readily available and performs better in smaller spaces, so manufacturers generally reserve it for triple-glazed windows.

Low-E Glass

Last, but not least, are the special coatings used on windows to help reflect radiant heat. Low-E glass has an ultra-thin metallic coating applied to a specific glass surface on an IGU. It blocks radiant light and heat while allowing visible light to pass through. And there are two different application processes: soft coat and hard coat.

Soft coat low-E applications are more efficient. But these coatings are fragile and require protection against the elements. So manufacturers sandwich the soft coats between the panes on an IGU.

Hard coat low-E applications are applied at high temperatures and baked onto the surface. These low-E coatings are not as efficient as soft coats, but they are far more durable and work well on the outer surfaces of the glass.

See now how there is so much more to the glass on your replacement windows in Seattle, WA? For more information on these types of technologies or help choosing the right products for your home contact Signature Window & Door Replacement. You can contact us at (253) 887-7792. Or you can visit 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032.

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Revitalize Your Home with New Windows and Doors

Sometimes the best way to get settled into a new year is to give your home a revamp and fresh design. You spend the majority of your time at home; it’s the place you go to seek comfort, warmth, family time, as well as solitude. Once in awhile, it’s nice to redecorate and enjoy it from a new perspective. You’ll be able to appreciate it more and cherish its beauty and how much it means to you and your family.


Nothing opens up a home quite like a big, beautiful window or a new set of doors. It makes such a difference when you walk into a room with an abundance of natural light shining through sparkling new windows and when you feel safe and secure with a brand new door.


Casa Bella Windows & Doors is a Canadian manufacturer providing residential homeowners with energy-efficient and high-quality vinyl windows and entry door systems for custom design home builds and home renovations. We’re proud to say that we design, manufacture, install, and service all of our windows ourselves.


We offer the best windows and doors Toronto has to offer. The reason why we’re the best is that we truly value our clients and listen carefully to their needs, wants, and goals. We work around your budget and determine what looks, styles, and creative design will work best for your family and home.


We also make sure to use energy-efficient products that will save you money on utility bills while at the same time reduce energy and help the environment. Take a look at how we can turn your current home into a comfortable and inviting oasis.


The Casa Bella Advantage


Casa Bella has been in business for over 60 years, and with that extensive amount of experience, you can guarantee that we’ll provide top-notch service. In keeping with customer demand, environmental concerns, and market trends, we focus on two main factors that give huge value to our clients: better installation and lower energy costs.


We are strong believers that installation makes all of the difference to how doors and windows perform, now and in the future. The best quality products won’t deliver the right results if trained professionals don’t install them precisely and correctly. Casa Bella Windows & Doors never outsources or sub-contracts installation of our Toronto window installation jobs or elsewhere in the GTA.


All of our installers are bonded, licensed, and insured and they’re skilled, trained, and experienced to do the job right.


Bay and Bow Windows


To beautify your home’s exterior and invite gorgeous, natural light into any room, consider installing bow or bay windows. They can be made with various combinations of fixed and operating Casement or Single Hung windows.


All of our bay and bow windows are Energy Star® rated, meaning that they abide by strict energy performance standards. Other unique features include:


  • Sturdy extruded vinyl construction
  • Fusion-welded frame & sash for superior strength
  • Advanced weather stripping for a superior seal
  • And more


In addition to providing comfort and natural light, they also add beauty to any room and a cozy area for reading and lounging.

Revitalize Your Home with New Windows and Doors


Modernize Your Home with New Garden Doors


Casa Bella Windows & Doors is founded on three major principles: trust, quality, and service. We integrate these values into everything we do, including our trusted door installation service.


To give your house a new look inside and out, consider a new front or back patio door. You can depend on us to deliver trusted quality and service as well as the best products in the business. We are the most dependable Oakville windows and doors installer and have the best products that keep you safe and secure.


Garden Doors


Give your home a touch of elegance with new garden or patio doors. These doors are designed for extra strength and security because they’re durable and maintenance-free. Best of all, our garden doors are energy and thermally efficient.


They’ll bring in lots of light and receive lots of good use from you and your family going in and out, creating memories along the way.


Give your home a new look with Casa Windows & Doors — with these renovations you’ll never want to leave.

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7 Tips to Help Winterize Your Home

Cold weather can do a number on your home. That is why the winterization process is such an important step in preparing for the season. From cleaning out the gutters to purchasing replacement windows in Woodinville, WA, here are a few of the things you should get done before the coldest months of the year.

1. Clear the Gutters

Before the ice and snow sets in, pull out the ladder and clear the leaves and debris from your gutters. A lot accumulates over the summer and fall, and the last thing you need is for your gutters to clog once the ice melts. And while you are up on the ladder take aa moment to check for loose or damaged shingles.

2. Clean and Store Yard Tools

To prolong the life of your mower, rakes, and shovels it is important to clean your tools at the end of every season. Drain any unused gasoline and wipe them down so they do not rust and corrode. Then store them in a dry part of the garage or a yard shed until the winter is over.

3. Fill and Insulate Gaps

Another part of the winterization process is examining the outside of your home for holes and gaps. Look closely at faucets, seams, vents, windows, and doors. Sealing up these holes with foam insulation and caulk can reduce leaks and keep pests out.

4. Set the Thermostat

Most HVAC professionals agree the ideal temperature setting for the winter is 68 degrees. This keeps the home comfortable and the pipes well away from freezing without constantly running the furnace. It might also be a good idea to install a smart thermostat to help regulate temperatures and save energy while you are not at home.

5. Reverse Ceiling Fans

In the summer your ceiling fans should run counter-clockwise. This cools the air and keeps it circulating. But in winter you want to reverse the blades and force the warm air back down from the ceiling.

6. Change HVAC Filters

During seasons of peak usage, you should check your air filters once a month to make sure they are not clogged. This simple routine will improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. It can also prolong the life of your furnace and air conditioner. Changing out the furnace filters is certainly worth your time.

7. Consider Replacement Windows

If your windows are more than 15 years old and you have noticed drafts, window leaks, and increased energy bills then your windows may have outlived their usefulness. It is probably time to start planning and budgeting for new windows that will better protect and insulate your home.

Getting replacement windows in Woodinville, WA does not have to be a hassle. We don’t employ high-pressure sales tactics. Instead, we use our 30 years of experience to help you find the right products for your home and your budget. That is why our window specialists are recognized as some of the best in the industry. Contact Signature Window & Door Replacement at (253) 887-7792 or visit us at 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032.

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5 Benefits of Bay Windows

bay windowIf you’re looking for a great way to add some appeal to your home without breaking the bank, adding bay windows are the way to go. Not only can they look modern, but they are also energy-efficient, beautiful, and add plenty of appeal to the overall look of your home.

So, what are bay windows? These types of windows are a combination of three windows that extend out from your home at an angle. Bay windows are typically made up of central fixed windows that extend from the house at different angles such as 25, 35, 45, or 90-degree angles.

In this blog, we’ll look into five of the benefits of getting bay windows installed in your home.

  1. Bay Windows Let in More Light

Since bay windows are not just one window, they are actually three, it provides even more opportunity for light to get into your home. Who wouldn’t want to cook in a kitchen that gets ample amounts of natural sunlight? Since the windows are constructed at an angle, you get light which comes from all directions, which really maximizes the amount of light coming from all directions. If you like plants, it’s a good idea to keep them near bay windows so they can soak up some rays too.

  1. Provide a Space for a Cozy Reading Nook

I know a lot of avid readers out there would kill for bay windows so they can set it up a comfy and cozy reading nook. Be sure the install a floor lamp so you have lots of light around you, making it the perfect spot to cozy up in after a long winter day. Get a blanket and a steaming cup of tea, lye back, and relax. You deserve it!

  1. Additional Storage Space and Seating

Bay windows are the most functional windows you could every install into your home. They provide extra seating in your kitchen if you like to entertain guests. The areas under the bay windows can act as storage, and they give a nice charm to your kitchen. Here is where you can sit around your table to do arts and crafts projects with your kids, eat, and do other fun activities.

  1. Better Exterior Views

When you have more windows, you can more easily see through your windows. If your house backs on to a beautiful lake or other gorgeous scenery, all of this can be seen very well from your bay windows. Who wouldn’t want to see even more of the outdoors while cooking and entertaining in these kitchens? They’re also a great place to entertain where guests can admire your bay windows themselves.

Now that you know all of the benefits that come with by windows, will you be installing some? For all your bay window needs, contact at experts at BestCan who would be more than happy to help you give your home the vision you always envisioned for it.

Click here to request a free no-obligation quote from us today.

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Ways to Improve Your Windows in the New Year

January is a good time to sit down and plot out the home improvement projects you want to tackle in the year ahead. And among the list of to-dos, you might want to consider ways to improve your home windows. They are such an important feature in the home and perform several important functions. From changing up window treatments to investing in replacement windows in Redmond, WA, here are a few tasks that you might include on your list:

Change Out Window Treatments

Window coverings are a big part of the aesthetics and functionality of your windows. They help control light, heat, and privacy. It might be time to get rid of those generic blinds in favor of something more in line with your personal tastes and style. For more natural light you should consider lightweight roller shades. For better insulation cellular shades are a good option. And for a traditional style that adds value to your home, there are interior window shutters.

Paint and Refinish

The outside of your windows must endure exposure to the elements 24/7. Wind, rain, pollution, dust, and harmful UV rays can cause your windows to rot, fade, rust, warp, or worse. But if you have wood or fiberglass windows you are in luck. You can sand and repaint the frames on these windows, making them look new. And refinishing can prolong the life of your windows.

Improve Security

The locks and latches on commonly used windows can wear out quickly. In some cases, you can purchase the right parts and make the repairs yourself. Or you can add additional locks or safety bars from the home improvement store. You might even take it one step further and install a smart security system on your windows and doors. Sensors on these fenestrations can alert you any time they open, and you can even get updates on your phone when you are away from home.

Replace Caulk and Weather Stripping

With time and use the seals on your windows will start to wear down, causing gaps and leaks in the assembly. And gaps can lead to air leaks, moisture leaks, and uncommonly high energy bills. If you have noticed leaks around your windows you might consider replacing the weather stripping and caulk.

Invest in Replacement Windows

At some point, the windows in your home will wear out and small repairs will not be able to save them. Most construction grade windows will last about 15 years. So if your windows are getting on in years you need to start planning for replacement windows. It is a great way to upgrade and boost the value of your home.

Take the opportunity of a new year and resolve to tackle some of those home improvement projects you have been putting off. For help finding the right replacement windows in Redmond, WA for your home contact Signature Window & Door Replacement. You will get the best service possible and fair pricing on products meant to last for years to come. To set up an appointment call us at (253) 887-7792. Or visit us at 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032.

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