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Anatomy of a VinylBilt Window

We get it. Sometimes you have a contractor visit your home to look at your windows. They start talking about sash-this or flaps-that. Instead of interrupting, you just nod in agreement.

If this sounds familiar, then the team at BestCan has a couple of things to share…

1. Our team takes pride in helping homeowners understand what’s involved in a renovation project. If you don’t ask, we can’t explain… so feel free to ask for clarification. Learning is good!

2. If you prefer to study on your own, then the above anatomy of a window diagram from VinylBilt should help!

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What are the Benefits of Sunlight in the Home?

Replacement windows in Seattle, WA can do so much for your home. They protect against the elements and intruders. They provide a view outside and create natural ventilation. They also prevent energy losses to make your home more efficient. But one thing homeowners often take for granted is that windows should also allow in daylight. There are so many benefits, including:

1. Energy Savings

The sun is a free source of heat and light. The right replacement windows can help keep your home warm during the cooler months and cut down on your heating costs. They can also reduce the need for artificial lighting during daylight hours. While these may not seem like much, the combined savings could be hundreds of dollars a year on your energy expenses.

2. Aesthetics

Daylight can also make your home more attractive. Dark rooms feel small, cramped, and uninviting. Natural light increases the beauty of a space. It makes it feel larger and more comfortable. And with special coatings applied to the glass, you don’t have to worry about harmful UV rays damaging your carpet, furniture, and art.

3. Circadian Rhythms

Most creatures have mental, behavioral, and physical cycles directly related to daylight. These daily cycles involve sleeping, hormone release, eating, and other important functions. This is especially true for humans. Not only do we crave sunlight, but we need it to foster healthy circadian rhythms. A lack of sunlight disrupts those rhythms and can lead to various disorders and health conditions.

4. Health and Well-Being

In addition to circadian rhythms, sunlight is good for the body in other ways as well. For example, when we expose our skin to sunlight it helps produce vitamin D. This isn’t a substance that occurs naturally in many foods. Vitamin D is essential for bone growth and development in young children. And a lack of vitamin D can result in bone and muscle pain and weakness, even in adults.

5. Attention, Productivity, and Happiness

Countless studies show how sunlight is a natural stimulant. Exposure to natural light helps decrease the secretion of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and increase the secretion of serotonin (the awake hormone). For these reasons getting the right amount of daylight makes people feel awake, alert, productive, and happy. And not getting enough sunshine can lead to fatigue, laziness, frustration, and depression. This is not to say sunlight controls your emotional state. But it could be a factor.

If the windows in your home are not transmitting enough daylight it might be time for replacement windows in Seattle, WA. When you sit down to talk with an expert at Signature Window & Door Replacement they can help you decide which window styles work best, where to put them, and which glazing technologies will work best for your needs. To schedule an appointment stop by 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032 or call (253) 887-7792.

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Things to Consider When Hiring a Window Installation Company

Casa Bella Windows and Doors has been proudly serving Toronto’s window installation needs since we opened up our 180,000 square foot facility in Mississauga in 1989. Before that, we started as a small company with locations originally in Pickering and Newmarket. Cumulatively, we have over 60 years of experience in the business, and our track record of quality products and excellent customer service has given us a golden reputation throughout the GTA.

Important Questions to Ask

Our team is dedicated to exceptional services, from the products we make to the installation process, to the way we treat our customers. But even though we have high standards, that doesn’t mean that every window and door installation company does. Here are some questions you should be asking an installer before deciding to hire them:

  • How long has your company been in business?
  • Are you a manufacturer or a distributor?
  • What is your area of expertise?
  • Do you install your products or do you outsource to a third party?
  • Do you service and warranty your work/products?
  • Do you have a good reputation and solid reviews?

Even if a company provides a warranty for their work, it won’t matter much if they’re not there in the future to honour it. If they have a strong reputation with good reviews, or if they’ve been around for a long time, you can feel fairly confident that they won’t go out of business for whatever reason.

A Team of Experienced Professionals

The reason why you want to know whether any of their work is outsourced or if they use subcontractors is that it’s generally safer to work with a company that has its own employees. There are a number of issues and complications that can arise from a company that works with subcontractors:

  • Installers can place a lien on your home if they haven’t been fully paid by the company, even if you’ve made full payment.
  • Companies that use subcontractors and outsourced workers need proof of proper WSIB (workers’ compensation) and insurance liability coverage of at least $2 million (by both the company and the subcontractors working at your home) in order to protect every party involved if someone is injured while working on your property.
  • A subcontractor is paid for the work they do and then move on to the next job, and are therefore not likely to come back if there was any problem with the installation. What’s worse is that the company that hired them will not likely take responsibility for a bad job done.

Besides the above points, you also have to consider that the reputation of the company you hire isn’t necessarily the reputation of the subcontractors they use, meaning that you have no way of knowing whether or not they do quality work.

The Casa Bella Advantage

As Mississauga’s source for windows and doors for the past 40 years, we know that a company needs to hire employees in order to guarantee success. Every member of our team is an employee who has been trained to provide quality service, and who are invested in their job and the work they do.

So if you’re looking to get your windows replaced, be sure to call us for energy efficient windows that are made with the best practices and technology available. You can rest assured that you’re in good hands when you work with Casa Bella.

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Get Your Home Ready For Fall

Fall is just around the corner 🍂

Take advantage of the remaining warm days to do exterior home maintenance. Now is the time to inspect your roof, eavestrough (gutters), and siding for leaves, branches, mold and mildew. Clean out, clean up and keep your home in tip top shape!

If you spot concerns, especially with your roof, windows, doors, it’s worth asking the home renovation experts at BestCan for advice, recommendations and solutions. Our team of experienced and professional home renovators will help get your home or cottage exterior back into tip-top shape.

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High Performance Windows and Doors

Windows and Doors may not use energy, but they can certainly drain it from a home if they are heavily aged or leaking.

If it’s time to update your windows or doors, seek out high-performance replacements that meet or exceed ENERGY STAR standards. Many window and door manufacturers make it a point to help consumers lower their energy costs while still providing comfort, safety and noise reduction.

For more information, ask your BestCan customer service representative. We’re here to help!

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Common Signs of Water Damage from Window Leaks

Over time windows wear out and break down. They won’t perform basic functions as well as they once did. And one day you might discover a leaky window. The only trouble is, by that time it is likely that your home has sustained some extra damage. There isn’t much you can do about window leaks aside from getting replacement windows in Woodinville, WA installed. But what you could try and avoid is the added expense of fixing all that water damage. We are here to help. Here are some of the most common signs of window leaks so hopefully you can spot the problem and have it fixed or replaced:

Musty Odor

Wet building materials produce a distinct smell. It is something common in unfinished basements, but not something you want to smell in the finished parts of your home. It usually means you have a leak somewhere and you will want to get to the bottom of it before water starts seeping where it doesn’t belong.

Stains and Discoloration

Another early sign of a water leak is discoloration. You might notice fading or yellowing at first. But if moisture continues to get inside the stains can get darker. They might appear brown or copper in hue. You can try clearing it away or painting over it. But if the leak persists you will have much larger issues on your hands.

Peeling Paint

The next sign is bubbling or peeling paint and wallpaper. When drywall gets wet the paint and wallpaper lose adhesion. They will start to pull away. Then if the leak dries up the paint will start to flake off.

Sagging Drywall

If drywall becomes saturated with water it will soften and start to sag. Eventually, the entire structure will warp, buckle, and give way. Hopefully, you can resolve the problem with the leak before the effects reach this point.

Floor Effects

Water naturally seeps to the lowest point, which is usually the floor. And where it collects you will start to notice warping. This causes all types of problems including peeling linoleum, loose tiles, or buckling floorboards. You don’t want the water to reach beyond that and start effecting the substructures of your home.

Rot and Mold

Something homeowners do not want to find in their home is mold growth. It can become a health hazard and is a problem you want to address the moment you notice it.

Accumulating Water

Yes, the most obvious sign of a leak is the appearance of water. Perhaps someone just left the window open on accident and you can close it, mop up, and avoid having more water come inside. But if the window is closed and water is still leaking in you will want to call about replacement windows.

Water damage is not something to ignore. If you have a leaky window you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. For replacement windows instalation in Woodinville, WA contact Signature Window & Door Replacement. We can help you find the right products and get the job done right. For more information contact us at (253) 887-7792. Or to check out our products visit 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032.

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10 Signs that It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Have you ever wondered when you should be looking into window replacement in your home? Do you know the signs that say it’s time? As Toronto’s favourite for replacement windows and doors, we’ve come across many situations where people have either been unaware or ignored the warning signs that say it’s time for new windows. In the worst-case scenario, this can mean structural damage to a person’s home or belongings and even unintentional harm to their health.

Let’s go over the ten warning signs that say it’s time to replace your windows so that this doesn’t happen to you.

1. Visibly Damaged Glass

Over the years, your windows will be exposed to elements like excessive wind, rain, hail, snow, heat, and harmful UV rays. During a storm, they could get hit by debris like twigs, rocks, and grass. The end result is that the window glass could crack, warp, or become foggy and dirty.

2. Decaying Frames

Just like the glass, frames can get damaged by the elements over time. This is especially true for wood frames that can begin to decay or rot because of water exposure and the development of mould.

3. Difficult to Operate

The mechanisms to operate your window can become damaged, preventing you from opening and closing them. This could also occur if they weren’t installed properly in the first place.

4. Curb Appeal

Casa Bella has been serving window contractors since 1977 and helping to beautify homes across the GTA. If your windows are old and out-dated, you might want to replace them to give your home the facelift it needs.

5. Drafts and Air Loss

Do you feel drafts of air when near your window? Can you hear wind whistling, or see light through gaps in the frame? These are all clear warning signs that replacement is necessary.

6. High Energy Costs

Has your energy bill seemed higher and higher each passing year? When there are drafts, your furnace has to work overtime to heat your home, resulting in higher energy costs. Newer window units are much more energy-efficient and sealed to protect your home from air loss.
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7. Condensation

This occurs when hot, humid air from inside your home hits the cold surface of your window. It typically happens in winter and is a sure sign that there are issues with your units.

8. Moisture Present Between Panes

Windows often have argon or krypton gas injected in between panes for improved insulation. An airtight seal is added to keep the gas in, but if this seal is ever compromised, moisture can build up in between these two panes which is never a good sign.

9. Lots of Noise

No one wants to experience excessive amounts of outside noise in their homes. Old windows that lack a tight seal or insulation can let way too much sound in, making your living space uncomfortable.

10. Single Pane Windows

Old windows are typically single pane, especially if your house was built before the 1970s. Compared to today’s units that are double or triple pane, these old models are substandard and lack insulation, soundproofing, and energy-efficiency.

Call Casa Bella Today

If you are experiencing any of these issues then get in touch for more info and ask us about a free consultation. You won’t be disappointed by our exceptional service and quality windows that are built to last.

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How to Know if Old Windows Have Seal Failure

Single pane windows aren’t quite ancient history. There are still some homes that have them. But modern windows and replacement windows are more likely to have double or triple panes. But it isn’t just the glass that makes these windows energy efficient. Here is what you need to know about insulating glass and how to spot seal failure:

What is an Insulated Glazing Unit (IGU)?

IGUs or thermal windows are two or more panes of glass sealed together as a single unit. But on its own glass is a horrible insulator. That is why IGUs are sealed with spacers between the panes of glass. And between the panes isn’t just ambient air. In some cases, it is a partial vacuum. But more often the space is filled with argon, krypton, or xenon. These are noble gasses with higher density than air to reduce heat transfer. These gasses are the reason why modern windows are so energy efficient. But the seals are not fail-proof.

How to Spot Seal Failure

Even in ideal conditions, IGUs naturally leak one percent of the noble gas per year. This is the result of the pressure differential between the inert gas and the outside air. But various conditions can make the gas leak faster. For example, if windows have to ship through different elevations it can impact how much gas leeches out. The same goes for temperature fluctuations. Seal failure can also happen because of poor installation, the use of heat guns, and pressure washers. And once the seal is broken and the inert gas leaks out, there is no way to put it back.

How to Spot Seal Failure

Spotting seal failure on windows is not easy. The first step is to thoroughly clean your window. Make sure the interior and exterior surface is smudge free. Then inspect your windows closely for signs of fogging or a white, powdery substance between the panes. The condensation may come and go with temperature differences, but that doesn’t mean you have nothing to worry about. These are clear signs of window failure. But a broken seal does not always mean there will be moisture between the panes.

If you cannot find signs of fogging, examine your windows from a distance outside. During the early stages of seal failure, the inert gas leaks out and causes the glass to bow towards the center. As a result, the reflection on the surface of the glass will appear distorted. In some cases, the pressure may even break the glass.

What Can I Do About Seal Failure?

Unfortunately, there isn’t any way to fix the damage and restore the full efficiency of the old window. A window professional may be able to place a valve to help mitigate fogging between the panes, but it won’t restore the insulating value. For a full restoration, you will need replacement windows in Woodinville, WA. Call Signature Window & Door Replacement to set up a consultation. Contact us at (253) 887-7792 or 22613 68th Ave. S. Kent, WA 98032.

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